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Sea Shore

Enneagram Assessment

The Enneagram is simply a tool that identifies nine personality styles. It cultivates a deeper self-awareness and helps clarify the way we engage in relationships. The Enneagram, I believe, is the most effective tool in showing what we can celebrate as well as what we need to change.

The nine personality styles are:

  1. The Good Person (Reformer)

  2. The Loving Person

  3. The Effective Person

  4. The Original Person

  5. The Wise Person

  6. The Loyal Person

  7. The Joyful Person

  8. The Powerful Person

  9. The Peaceful Person

Humans are complex. People's story, their personality, stage of life, past failures and frustrations etc., all contribute to where one is in life. My goal with using the Enneagram assessment is to help you live life as best you can with your giftedness!  

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